SUNSHINE, a very bright little pony

This afternoon while chatting on the phone with my sister, I gazed out the window at the reaching branches of a tree and noticed bees buzzing around its verdant leaves. I thought: Spring! It’s here! The weather app on my phone predicts temps in the mid-eighties next week, so summer is on its way, too. (Granted I’m in SoCal, but still.) And so then I thought, what better time to post this bright little pony? SUNSHINE is now up in the ClayQuarry Etsy shop.


In the land of Yanuterre, there is a little hill where the sun is always shining. SUNSHINE was born and raised there, and the top of that hill is still one of his favorite spots in the whole land. SUNSHINE’s favorite season is, no surprise, summer, but spring runs a close second. His friends love hanging out with him for his sunny personality, and because he brings a little piece of sun with him wherever he goes. With his cool sunglasses and the shades-wearing-sun he’s got for a cutie mark, SUNSHINE is sure to brighten your day.




Wearing T-Rex Dino Earrings

Because dino earrings are adorable (see this post for close-ups) and make the perfect accessory!


I’ve been dabbling a bit in modeling recently. I have a cousin who has been quite successful as an alternative model, and she has inspired me. I’ve realized that modeling actually IS difficult and, as a creative endeavor just like any other, breaking into the biz requires skill, tenacity, and networking. But for now I’ve been having a lot of fun! At a recent shoot I wanted to show a little personality, so I paired a red top with a skull-patterned silk scarf and… ClayQuarry dino earrings!

140308_TaylorRoss_077 as Smart Object-1

The photographer was professional yet laid back, which made the shoot efficient and easy. Her turnaround for getting the photos to me was speedy, and she gave me even more images than I’d expected! I was so pleased with the how the photos came out. Check out the Mackenzie Lenora Photography Facebook page and give it a Like!

And of course, stop by the ClayQuarry Etsy shop for all your dino earring needs :)

ClayQuarry Showcasing at KAWAIILAND

Exciting news! ClayQuarry has been invited to showcase at KawaiiLand! This event is all things kawaii–a Japanese word meaning cute, adorable, lovable. As the flyer says, it’s “The Cutest Visual Arts Show in the World”!unnamed

Stoked to be part of this event. I know May is going to come faster than I can imagine. I have so many ideas! My creatures are already kawaii, if I do say so myself, but I have some plans to create some items trending in the world of kawaii right now. I’ve been seeing a lot of food with cute faces, for example. Happy little cupcake earrings, perhaps?


The Last Unicorn

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been quite sick. Have not left my bed for over a week, and the doctor prescribed two sets of antibiotics! Finally starting to feel better, thank goodness. BUT, before I got sick, I was commissioned to create a very exciting piece. I got to design a unicorn based on one of my absolute favorite childhood movies–okay, let’s be honest, one of my favorite movies of all time–”The Last Unicorn.”

Last Unicorn ReservedOne of the best parts of creating this sculpture was the fact that I had to watch the movie. For research, of course. IMG_8848This sculpture is a bit larger than I usually make my unicorns, as the customer requested 3-4 inches. Standing ponies also provide a bit more of a challenge, since they require an armature, and white clay is darned annoying to work with. But ultimately I think she came out pretty cute! IMG_8854

Dinosaurs and Doughnuts, Charms/Earrings

Somewhere along the way I posted these on Etsy and forgot to put them on the blog! I made my first little green dino as a zipper pull charm for my boyfriend at Christmastime, and he was such a hit I decided to feature him at the RAW Showcase, where several pairs of dino earrings and charms found homes. The doughnuts were a hit, too, and I loved the way the Translucent Liquid Sculpey really looks like frosting, with microbeads as sprinkles.



IMG_8721 IMG_8784

On sale now in the ClayQuarry Etsy shop!

EMBER, Baby Girl Phoenix

Now on Etsy! A little phoenix who looks a lot like BLAZE, except she has pretty eyelashes and curly hair. Meet EMBER.EmberEMBER is a baby phoenix who likes snap peas and seedpods. They make her think of little baby plants, small things that grow and grow and become great big beings full of life. Like how embers can grow into a fire, and when a fire dies down, the embers remain. Seed to a tree to a seed. She could watch the regeneration of plants over and over again, which is a good thing since, considering the whole rebirth-from-ashes part of being a phoenix, she’s got years ahead of her. Eons, even. She has a feeling, though, no matter how old she gets, her best friend BLAZE will keep her young. Maybe one day when they’ve got a few eons behind them, they’ll have little baby phoenixes of their own. Little fire seeds.

See more of her in the Etsy ClayQuarry shop! (This link should work now, guys. I noticed my other links weren’t working and went back and fixed the ones I caught.)

My RAW Video!

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 11.43.45 PM

Don’t be fooled–this is just a screen shot! (Link to actual video is below.)

So excited that my RAW video is out now! The videographer, Roxy Shih, did a wonderful job. I’m very happy with the way the vid turned out (apart from my own awkwardness–nerves and/or a desire to sound professional apparently leads to extreme overuse of the word “certainly”). Big thanks to Sara Vausbinder, the RAW Hollywood and San Francisco Showcase Director, who scouted me via the ClayQuarry Etsy shop and put together an incredible event. This has been such an amazing opportunity and I am proud to be a RAW Artist.

CLICK HERE to see my video!

JESSE, a super miniature pony

This little guy is only 1″ tall! And that includes the hair.Jesse

JESSE is a miniature pony with an aqua mohawk. Truthfully, he’s slightly vain. He spends more time gazing into reflective surfaces than most of the ponies he knows, but then, none of them have quite so awesome aqua mohawks. Jessie is also the go-to guy for fun, since he throws some seriously awesome parties. Not a pony departs his kickbacks without getting at least a little tipsy on dragonwine.

Check him out in the ClayQuarry Etsy shop!

SAMSON, an adorable gate-keeper dragon


SAMSON is a Gate-Keeper dragon and luckily, he keeps a cool head. Some of the Dwellers can talk, you know, and some of them have very slippery tongues. Some of them have literally slippery tongues—ewww—but some of them also have figuratively slippery tongues, and they try to talk him into opening the gate. Sometimes Samson tires of their wheedling, and he curls into a ball around the key, and the Dwellers, mistaking him for a rock, don’t bother him.

This little guy is now available in the ClayQuarry Etsy shop!