Grad Celebration Bear

Moving right along with my Celebration Bears, I’ve created a Grad Bear! Say congrats to the graduate in your life with this little guy!IMG_0418

Congratulations to all the incredible grads out there!! Whether you’re graduating from college or high school or whatever, give yourself a pat on the back.

IMG_0413 IMG_0426

Celebration Bears Continued!

Right on the heels of Mother’s Day comes… Father’s Day, of course! Made another little bear to celebrate Dad! This time I’m ahead of the game enough to put him up in the ClayQuarry Etsy shop. Regrettably, the Mother’s Day bear will have to wait for next year…

IMG_0366IMG_0398So for these bears I went pretty traditional with the classic gender cues: a purple hair bow (despite the mama bear technically not having any hair…) and a blue tie for the papa bear. When I was growing up, my mom loved purple and my dad loved blue, and my dad went to work daily wearing a tie. My mom did have incredible fashion sense and she wasn’t much for hair bows, however.

I guess I’m saying this because I feel like I need to put out there that I am aware I’m following traditional gender concepts here. AND, I’m happy to customize these little bears. A Mother’s Day bear in a tie, a Father’s Day bear in a bow… hey, I’m cool with that.


I’m really getting into this Celebration Bears line idea. I’ve already started working on another bear, for an event, not a holiday, that typically happens in June…

Spring Celebrations

Just wanted to share what I’ve been up to lately… Mother’s Day just passed, of course, and in honor of the holiday I created this cute little bear:

Mother's Day bearThis little gal got my brain started on the idea of a Celebration Bears line, and the possibilities are endless! A bear holding a present with a party hat for birthdays, one with a Santa hat and candy cane for Xmas and one with a dreidel and yarmulke for Chanukah, one holding a beer stein with a four-leaf clover on its head for St. Patty’s… basically every holiday and then some.

I was also incredibly honored to create the cake topper for my friends’ wedding a few weeks ago. When they told me they were interested in birds, I experimented and came up with these little love birds:



Love Bird Cake Topper

My friends, fellow Bruins, wanted a blue and gold theme, so ultimately I made these for them:

Bruin Love Bird Wedding Topper


Wish I’d gotten a pic of them on the cake, but it was really dark by the time the cake came out. I’m hoping their professional photographer got one!

WonderCon 2015

photo 5 (1)

Over Easter weekend, I took ClayQuarry to WonderCon. Being in the Artist Alley for three days was exhausting but fun. I met loads of cool people and got to share (and sell!) my little clay items. I wish I’d been able to take pictures of all of the awesome cosplays! And, because I took turns manning the booth with my partner and had some lovely friends help me out, too, I even got to attend some of the events!

photo 1 (1)Here I am at my booth! Photo compliments of @beccaquibbles.

Here I am at my booth! Photo compliments of @beccaquibbles. And below, a most adorable mochi dog (strawberry, of course) by my booth partner, Gojowind Plush. So thrilled I got to do an art trade with her and take this little guy home! Soooo cute!!

photo 4 (1)

The “Gotham” panel was my favorite (if you like Batman, mysteries/crime-solving, the wacky and weird, or all of the above, this show is worth watching!). Delving into all that unexplored territory of the Batman universe is so fun, and I really enjoyed seeing the actors as people talking about their characters.

My other favorite panel was the one called “End Bullying! Responding to Cruelty.” This one featured a selection of calm, intelligent, forward-thinking people who all had brilliant things to say about what causes bullying and what we can do to stop it. They addressed common situations from conflicts between young kids to online harassment. Being in dialogue about bullying is the first step, of course. Another main takeaway was the concept of reaching out. Often outsiders may not be able to stop bullies from picking on a kid, but you can go to the kid and let him/her know that they’re not alone. Even one short moment or a few kind words can help that kid survive the bullying, can be the difference between life and suicide.

There were also several writing panels. The main thing I learned at these was WonderCon panels like this are wonderful for beginning writers, but if you already know a bit about the writing/publishing world, you’re better off at a writing conference. However, there were some enjoyable nuggets. Here are a few of my favorite quotations:

In response to the question “Why write fantasy?” author Greg Van Eekhout said, “It’s not an escape. I’d call it reverie. It’s enjoying a world that is, if not better, more interesting, and getting lost in it.”

“It’s very easy to turn on ‘creative,’ and you should do it more often.” -Todd McCaffrey

“The only dream agent there is, is the one that’s right for your work.” -Literary Agent Holly Root

One thing I’m looking forward to is checking out all of the various titles and authors the panelists mentioned. Between that, books I did art trades for, upcoming book groups I’m facilitating, and the LA Times Festival of Books this weekend, I’ll have enough to keep me busy for a good long while!

photo 2 (1)

Supercute hybrid plush animals are apparently the in thing. Can you guess what these are?

Made by Hello Cavities, these little guys are… ice cream cones crossed with… deep sea anglerfish! I always found those creatures fascinating. I wouldn’t have thought to cross them with ice cream, but these plushies turned out pretty cute.

Spring has Sprung!

Well, technically Spring starts Friday, March 20th, but close enough! Here are some teensy little bunnies to get you in the Easter spirit! (Now available in the ClayQuarry Etsy shop.)bunnies

And to wish you a happy belated St. Patrick’s Day, this is the little green elephant I featured in my Facebook 200-like giveaway! (Like ClayQuarry on Facebook for the chance to participate in future giveaways and more!)

elephantelephant 2

My Little Pony Adventures

When I signed up to be a vendor at a My Little Pony Con, I knew I had to create some fan art! Here are a few of my MLP-inspired ponies! Fans will recognize Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash. I wanted to make all of the main six but I ran out of time! On my list of things to do…IMG_9883 IMG_9878

IMG_9964IMG_9917 IMG_9909

IMG_9935 IMG_9939


LA Cosplay Con

Oh time, how she does fly! Earlier this month I was in the artist alley at LA Cosplay Con, and it was awesome! This was actually my first con ever, and I loved seeing all the awesome cosplays. I am dying to try out one of my own, I just have to figure out what would be awesome and comfortable enough to sit around in at my booth for eight hours. (I would LOVE to be Mystique but I don’t think I could do the all-over blue make-up for that long!)

LA Cosplay Con


I also loved meeting the other artists and talking to the attendees. There were so many talented, creative people! My fellow artists were very welcoming and friendly. For a few of them, it was their first con, too. Others had been doing the con track over the last year, and they had some good tips. I had a great time chatting with the attendees, too, and I was amazed at what a wide range of ages and personalities there were.

I originally made these cute poo earrings and charms for Kawaiiland–I was on the fence about doing it, but I figured why not try it out, and people liked them! So I had them at this con, and people were into them there, too! They’re now in the ClayQuarry Etsy shop, too.

Adorable Little Piles of Poo

I’m looking forward to doing more cons later in the year–many of the upcoming ones have already got their exhibitors’ booths all booked up! I’m excited to experiment, too. The world of cons is a whole new playground…


Etsy has a function where you can create lists of items that you like. You become a “curator” and your list is a “treasury.” The idea is to showcase work you like in a beautiful way, so others can see and enjoy it, too. I’ve just started learning how to do these, and it’s a lot of fun!

TLR Treasuries

Months ago I’d heard about these from a fashion designer I met through RAW, and I tried to make one without much luck. There were so many things I liked, and creating a finite list of only a few items, and somehow making it go together and be visually appealing, seemed impossible.

Then a seller included me in a “pay-it-forward treasury.” Sort of like a chain letter, you create a treasury and ask the people whose items you included to include you in a treasury in a return. I felt I owed it to the seller to create a treasury with one of her items in it, and I decided it would be a useful way to get myself to do this thing I’d been wanting to do and failing at! I picked one of her items and created a list around it, and I discovered making treasuries is much easier if you have a specific place to start. Then I started getting carried away, and here I am four treasuries later!

My most popular treasury, “Equine Beauty, Captured,” features beautiful equine art. “Horse Magic” displays pieces featuring, you guessed it, magical horses! (Are we sensing a theme here?) “Living A Fantasy” is full of wearable pieces that help us become fantasy creatures. And “Phoenix Rising,” which I just finished today, showcases all things phoenix!

I have also been prepping for several upcoming shows–two in May and one in June! Been making items aimed at the kawaii crowd for Kawaiiland, of course, and I’m really loving experimenting with nail embellishments!

photo 2  photo 1photo (3)