Midnight & Moonshine

Introducing… Midnight and Moonshine! These two sparkly blue ponies are mates. Midnight sports a black mohawk and a silver star cutie mark. Moonshine, a pony of the Fae, has iridescent wings.

Midnight and Moonshine


MIDNIGHT is a bit of a rock star. Well, he was in his younger days. Now he mostly reminisces about the vibrations of an electric guitar under his hooves and the roaring whinnies of his fans, while the grandfoals and grandfillies learn to walk on wobbly, knobby knees. His mate, MOONSHINE, allows him his nostalgia, but nudges him into action when it’s time to corral the young.

More Midnight on Etsy.


MOONSHINE was, well, a groupie, prancing under the stars to strains of metal and EDM—not together, of course—until the sun began to rise between the mountaintops. Heaven help her if her offspring ever find out.

See Moonshine on Etsy.

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