Young Griffin Sentry REGIS


REGIS, a young griffin, quite prides himself on his recent promotion. He’s been named Third Guard for the griffin sentry, so he’s allowed to patrol the land for Dwellers on his own. He expects he’ll catch quite a few, actually, and be promoted to Second Guard quite soon. His little brother, Rupert, hasn’t got his wings yet, and is still afraid of Dwellers, but Regis can’t wait until Rupert’s wings come in. Then they’ll go on patrol together, and become the most vigilant pair of sentries around. Maybe they’ll even make First Guard together.

See more of Regis on Etsy!

I’ve always loved griffins, a mythological beast interesting enough to hold its own with unicorns and dragons. I’ve sketched them and loved reading about the various forms they take in literature, from the creatures in Tamora Pierce’s The Immortals YA fantasy series to the gryphon in the classic Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll.

So far I’m all about the baby griffins, for the cuteness! But I do plan to make a Daddy Griffin, standing and fierce, one of these days…

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